Melhorando a experiência do cliente nos bancos

Customer profile: a leading consumer bank in the US, operating over 50,000 ATMs and serving both individual and commercial clients.

The Challenge

Our customer was looking for a fast, simple way to provide new customers with credit and debit cards and PINs instantly on opening an account for a more streamlined experience.

The bank needed to support a new card validation transaction type in the existing Ingenico’s Unified Semi-Integrated (USI) application and complete class B certification. Both required resources and expertise beyond their in-house capabilities.


Lane 3000 Pro Services

The Solution

The team from Ingenico Professional Services came onboard to manage the software customisation and integration. Led by a dedicated project manager, we collaborated closely with both the bank and payment processing company to develop and test the solution, ensuring the quickest time to market and a seamless transition for bank and customer.



The Outcome

Today, customers can walk out of the bank with new credit or debit card in hand, immediately after opening an account. By significantly reducing card wait times, the bank enhanced customer experience, ensured customer satisfaction and began to nurture brand loyalty at a key moment in the customer relationship.



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