Self / No Checkout Solutions


The Ingenico LABS that manages Innovation for Ingenico has developed innovative checkout solutions for retailers.

Pick&Go Solution:

  • Brings back commerce to abandoned places and less populated areas like small towns, with unattended shops. They are fully automated and frictionless, with limited operating costs and supervised by trusted authorities.
  • Offers extended opening hours.
  • Gives the opportunity to empower local communities. 
  • Provides the option to book products in advance thanks to a dedicated Pick&Go app

Pick&Go aims at providing end customers with a new approach to commerce and improving people's everyday lives. It changes the customers perception on shopping in their local store and brings proximity commerce to the next level of customer experience. The customer has an easy access to the offer from any place and can choose whether to purchase instore or by booking in advance . The whole experience is designed in the way that sanitary conditions are fully respected by automatisation of the whole experience and seamless payment.

The concept supports communities by empowering people, giving them the freedom both in the access to selected products (possibly local) and in the opportunity to offer products in the local store. This solution introduces the concept of a fully automated store for small retailers.

Shops can be fitted/retro fitted with lockers where products are stored. 

Thanks to the Pick&Go app and the instore authentication of the customer, the journey is frictionless.

The moment the customer enters the store, he/she is identified, and she/he can pick up products which were previously selected on the app, in lockers. Lockers open automatically after the user is recognised so that the identification of desired products is quick and easy.

Alternately the client can pick products in the store via a dedicated terminal.

The payment is done seamlessly right after the customer picks the products.

Proximity Pay solution:

  • Offers a fast, seamless, flexible, trustworthy, personalised checkout experience.
  • Provides improved customer experience by better client advise and customised product selection.
  • Gives the opportunity to the merchant to offer a personalised service to his/ her customers through a dashboard based on the behavior of his/her users.

Increasing personal customer experience in the proximity commerce field is a strong background trend. Customer and merchant relationship need a fresh approach where the merchant does not focus on selling products but is able to sell the right product to the right customer. This becomes possible by identification of each customer and data connected to their profile to ensure a personalised experience

Thanks to Proximity Pay solution, customer is automatically recognised when he/she is a regular client and is therefore offered a quick checkout experience without using a card or cash. There is no need for any payment method. Only the customer’s presence and his/her phone. The experience is personal and fast by automatic selection of the payment profile. By deleting the step of decision-making in the client's payments process, the solution enables a better conversion rate for the merchant  The data collected by the merchant in form of analytics on the dashboard improves the hospitality and human customer-merchant connection. Loyalty is increased as well as recurring revenue. Proximity Pay payment is secure and comfortable.