03 Oct 23

Recibos digitais: o início de uma nova relação com os clientes


In the dynamic landscape of modern commerce, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to drive efficiency, foster customer loyalty, and gain valuable insights into consumer behavior. Embracing the digital era, many merchants are now turning to digital receipts as a game-changing tool that offers personalized experiences for both businesses and customers alike and also help them manage their payments more effectively.

An efficient solution for merchants

From a business perspective, digital receipts offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency and data management. Automating receipt generation and delivery processes eliminates manual tasks, reducing administrative burdens and enabling businesses to allocate resources more effectively. But even more importantly, digital receipts facilitate data analysis and customer relationship management. By collecting and analyzing transaction data, businesses can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions and enhance personalized marketing efforts. At the same time, the payment data that is stored digitally can be used to help payment reconciliation and manage far more easily than up to now the headache-inducing task of Credit Card Chargebacks.


What are these data?

When we look at a paper receipt, we can observe different types of information that details of the purchase tell us : the store reference, the list of products purchased, the order amount, the date & time of the event and the payment method.

Analysing just these five data points alone opens up huge opportunities to communicate directly with consumers based on their behavior. Obviously, supermarkets and major retailers have been doing this for years, but doing so for smaller outlets has been a challenge due to the difficulty in data capture and the cost of managing systems that go with it. New digital receipt technology changes that, going beyond basic Recency/Frequency/Monetary data into a much richer data set of basket information.


A new personalized experience for customers

Digital receipts offer a personalized and seamless experience to consumers through various means. Businesses can now include meticulously tailored offers and promotions based on customers' unique purchase history and preferences, thus significantly enhancing their relevance and impact. By seamlessly integrating digital receipts with loyalty programs, customers can effortlessly accumulate rewards and gain access to exclusive discounts and privileges, which in turn helps businesses to foster a sense of value and loyalty.

Moreover, the convenience of accessing comprehensive purchase history through digital receipts streamlines the process of returns and exchanges, ensuring a hassle-free customer experience. By embedding targeted surveys and feedback requests within digital receipts, businesses can actively gather valuable insights from customers, enabling them to make informed decisions and continually refine their offerings.

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Elevating customer experience through cohesion

The seamless integration of digital receipts with other digital channels ensures a consistent and cohesive experience for customers. This integration empowers businesses to maintain strong and ongoing communication beyond mere transactions, allowing for personalized interactions that deepen customer engagement and foster long-term loyalty.

Digital receipts are a game-changer for businesses, offering personalized experiences, operational efficiency, and data-driven insights. With every transaction, we can build stronger connections, foster loyalty, and drive repeat business in the digital era.
Mark Dillon, Marketing Director, PPaaS at Ingenico

On top of the terminal experience for merchants, the consumer experience can also be personalized to offer an optimum branding opportunity and to continue the experience after the sale.

For example, QR codes can be personalized with brand colors and logos. SMS texts can be personalized with downloadable receipts. And emails have multiple possibilities of customization with the email subjects, header, body and footer, both in content and colors.

Merchants can personalize their communication assets from a portal to which they can easily set up their own branding.

Collaborative Innovation: Crafting the Future of Digital Receipts

Navigating the digital landscape of modern commerce presents an exciting challenge, one that requires collaboration among players in the payments ecosystem. The successful implementation of digital receipt solutions in-store hinges on the joint efforts of industry leaders and solution partners, coming together to create a simple yet comprehensive solution catering to different use cases.

Driving this are technology companies like Ingenico which provide the underlying payments technology, comprised of different hardware and software assets. They facilitate seamless transactions for both merchants and customers. Ingenico, for instance, not only offers a digital receipts solution with a user-friendly app interface but also encourages innovation in Android payment solutions, expanding the possibilities for terminal-based payments.

Ingenico recognizes the value of collaboration and works closely with a network of solution partners, each specializing in distinct facets of the digital receipt ecosystem. This collaboration is crucial for crafting a holistic digital receipt solution that meets the diverse needs of businesses and consumers alike.

Among these valued partners is ReceiptHero, a pioneering platform that combines receipts and loyalty in a data-privacy compliant manner.. With a mission to transform a staggering 700 billion transactions into meaningful interactions, ReceiptHero paves the way for personalized customer engagement in the digital era.

I Hate Receipts is another noteworthy solution, offering more than just a digital receipt service. It serves as a gateway to initiate conversations with customers post-purchase, transforming each transaction into an opportunity to deepen customer relationships and drive future business.

In this dynamic landscape, collaboration is the key to unlocking the full potential of digital receipts. By combining their expertise and innovation, different partners are shaping the future of commerce, one digital interaction at a time. Together, they are building a bridge between the analog past and the digital future, where every transaction becomes an opportunity for meaningful engagement and business growth.

As technology continues to reshape the retail landscape, digital receipts emerge as a pivotal tool for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital era. By embracing the efficiency, personalization, and data-driven insights they offer, merchants can build stronger connections, foster loyalty, and drive repeat business, paving the way for a new and enhanced shopping experience for customers in the fast-changing world of commerce.

Mark Dillon Marketing Director, PPAAS Terminals, Solutions & Services Global Business Line at Ingenico

Mark Dillon

Diretor de Marketing de Soluções


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