Bring In-Store Payment Diversity

Innovative solutions for broadening payment horizons and offering a smoother customer experience.

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Offer your merchants a variety of payment options to enhance their customer's convenience and flexibility.
Enable instant payments to enhance merchant operational efficiency and streamline transactions.
customer satisfaction
Improve merchants' customers satisfaction by simplifying and speeding up payments.
Ensure security and prevent fraud while leveraging APM solutions.
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Where innovation meets convenience

APMs redefine what it means to transact, elevating every step of the payment journey.

As traditional payment methods transform, APMs lead this progressive shift. Our commitment is to deliver payment solutions that are robust, secure, and adept at meeting the ever-changing preferences of consumers.

Seamless Integration, Tailored Solution

Our APM payment services offer rapid and straightforward integration, introducing new payment methods that resonate with specific markets, customer groups, or merchant types. Enhance your transactional ecosystem with our tailored APM solutions to meet the vibrant and evolving needs of today’s marketplace.

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A Wide Range of Options to Enhance the Digital Experience

  • Device Compatibility: Supports Android and Tetra terminals.
  • Versatile Payment Methods: Embraces widely-used options like Alipay and PayPal, with a catalog that's routinely enhanced to include local APMs for each market.
  • Flexible Transaction Types: Accommodates various transactional needs including Sales, Cancellations, and Refunds.

Empowering Every Payment Scenario

Our APM payment services and terminals seamlessly handle diverse payment scenarios.

  • Merchant Scan: The merchant scans the APM's QR code (usually on the consumer's mobile phone).
  • Consumer Scan: The consumer scans the terminal's QR code for the APM.
  • Usage of these methods, or both, is determined by the APM and fully configurable by the acquirer/merchant.