Drive Revenue and Customer Engagement

A seamless integration of gift card partners to deploy services across any stores

Implement gift card solutions smoothly at your merchant's stores.
Assist your merchants in boosting sales with enticing gift cards, fostering loyalty, and attracting new customers.
Provide your merchants with a range of enhanced services, enabling them to stand out from the crowd.
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Business Sales Booster

Gift cards, both digital and physical, are becoming increasingly vital for businesses across various sectors. They serve as valuable components of distribution strategies, elevating sales and often providing users with upfront discounts at the point of purchase.

Gift Card API Solutions

By providing APIs, gift card providers can easily connect their services, allowing you to deploy their solutions to your merchants. These include:

  • Card activation
  • Card acceptance (both magnetic stripe and QR codes)
  • Balance inquiry
  • All essential functions for successful gift card programs

Streamlined Gift Card Access

By simplifying integration processes, our solution provides your merchants with seamless access to a diverse range of gift card programs enriching customer connections and engagement.