Payment Terminals

Accept payments

Elevate commerce experiences with ultimate payment flexibility – anytime, anywhere on any device.


Portable Devices

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, our Portable range allows you to create a seamless shopping experience that is remote from the checkout.

  • Easy to transport, with full connectivity
  • Create secure, smart and mobile points of sale
  • Advanced business apps such as delivery, taxi, loyalty, home services, click & collect, stock inventory...
Ingenico Countertop Terminals

Countertop & PIN Pad

Accept all payment methods and enhance your customers’ user experience, with a comprehensive range of countertop terminals.

  • Maximised network availability
  • Easily integrated, with rich customer interactions
  • Easy fast self-checkout by pairing with Desk/1600

Retail PIN Pad

Helping you to reduce checkout times and improve customer engagement, in demanding retail environments.

  • Robust, fast and effective lane & self-checkout
  • Value-added services deployed via a user-friendly interface
  • Easy to connect to existing retail infrastructure

Retail Mobility

Whether you are in a retail space, a quick service restaurant or a moving train, our terminals allow you to process payments away from the checkout.

  • Can be paired with any smart device to create a complete mobile point of sale.
  • Wide set of connectivity and long-lasting battery in compact devices to ensure a lengthy working day.
  • Enterprise-grade features and accessories for intensive payment and commerce use.
Card Readers

Card Readers

Designed with versatility in mind, our card reader enables you to process payment wherever your business takes you in mobility or in-store.

  • Accept all transaction types in a small footprint
  • Suits all use cases, from micro-merchants to retail mobility
  • Can be paired with any smart device to create a complete mobile point of sale

Self Service

Whether you operate in vending, retail, hospitality, EV charging, petrol, transportation or parking, our dedicated terminals are designed to manage every unattended payment scenario.

  • Robust, user-friendly and water-dust-vandalism-resistant.
  • Smooth integration of cashless payment in all indoor and outdoor use cases.
  • Seamless integration of ticketing and payment for transport applications.


Transform payments with Tap on Phone - easily and securely accept payments on your mobile device at minimal cost.

  • Turn your smartphone into a checkout solution
  • Accept contactless transactions within a minute of downloading an application
  • Deliver next-level consumer experience on the move