Connect the dots between the sales channels

A comprehensive solution to streamline payment processes across online, in-store, and mobile platforms, ensuring a seamless and unified payment experience for customers.

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Enable your merchants to reach customers wherever they prefer to shop, maximizing sales opportunities.
Simplify payment processing and reconciliation with a centralized platform, saving time and reducing errors for your merchants.
Guarantee security through Tokenization, an advanced security measure.
Where convenience meets versatility

Where convenience meets versatility

Picture a world where the barriers between online, in-store, and mobile transactions dissolve, allowing customers the freedom to choose their preferred method at any given moment. This is the essence of OmniChannel payments - a holistic approach that harmonizes various transaction channels into a unified and user-friendly ecosystem.

Tokenisation as a Service

In a secure and compliant environment, the payment card becomes a customer’s unique identifier, enhancing interaction opportunities during their purchasing journey. As the point of sale transforms into a space for engagement rather than just transactions, customers can seamlessly earn loyalty points and explore additional offerings like product


Seamless Omnichannel Payments

Streamline transactions across channels with our Omnichannel services, offering added convenience. 

Enable your merchants to effortlessly facilitate customer-initiated cancellations or refunds for device-based card sales via the web channel, simplifying returns without card reinsertion:


  • Canceling via the web is feasible before capture activation, unless the transaction has been previously canceled.
  • Refunding via the web is available partially or fully after capture confirmation, as long as the transaction hasn't been fully refunded.