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Payment Terminals

Payment Terminals

Cover all your transaction needs with our smart solutions: in-store, mobile, multilane, outdoor or unattended. Fully secure, they enable you to deploy any cashless payment method and reinvent your check out experiences.


TETRA is our legacy solution, incorporating the world’s largest set of payment applications and services.  It leverages high-performance devices powered by Tetra. We are continuously investing in this solution, in line with an eco-design approach. 

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Telium Solutions Move/5000


AXIUM unlocks the full potential of Android, for the new world of payments and commerce. The platform combines innovative and open Android-based POS with an unrivalled suite of payment and business services.

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Axium Solutions


Our extensive range of services helps you manage your estate, enhance security and optimise all the support services delivered to your merchants. With the outsourced Terminal as a Service package, you can make the most of our expertise for a convenient subscription and reduce your operating costs.