Your trusted advisor for seamless payment solutions

A seamless targeted support and a single point of dedicated contact for payment development, maintenance, and transformation design & management.

Select the technology and plan the integration to meet your business objectives.
Deliver an end-to-end solution, from architecture to rollout and ongoing support.
Accelerate execution and reduce complexity for faster time to business value.
Measure success based on your criteria.

Seamless, simple and stress-free solutions tailored to your needs

Every business is different with unique challenges and hurdles to overcome, which is why there is no set way we work with you. It starts with a conversation – getting to know you and your business, and understanding your ambitions, challenges and pain points. From there we build a solution that fits around you, meets your needs and adds tangible value.  


Seamless support for any industry

At Ingenico, we work with banks and acquirers, retailers, resellers, fintechs, ISVs and more to provide seamless support for payment development, maintenance, and transformation design & management. 
We provide targeted support and a single point of dedicated contact, so that you can continue to focus on your core business.

Payment technology consulting
Payment solution architecture
Remote and on site assistance
On site or remote technical support
Solution update
Solution update / Renewal
Application, integration and support
Software and hardware development
Project management

How we work with you

When you engage Ingenico Professional Services, our dedicated team will work with you to define your business goals, skills, gaps and vision for a successful outcome. 

Define the project and technical architecture

We define together the technical architecture in line with your vision and design the appropriate implementation. As part of this process, we identify the business, resource and technical challenges to maximise the success of your project and how we will work to mitigate risks.

Ingenico Professional Service How we work with you
Project management and contributions

Before you make any formal commitments, you will understand the full scope of our dedication to your project as well as your contributions. You’ll know who will lead your dedicated Ingenico team, the timeline and milestones for execution, and the metrics by which we will measure success.

Ingenico Professional Service How we work with you
Solution proposal and planning

Your solution proposal will include a statement of work for Professional Services that details the deliverables Ingenico will provide, governance, the validation process and risk management.

Ingenico Professional Service How we work with you
Professional Services

Your trusted advisor and payment expert

Over 40 years of experience in payments. A dedicated team with technical know-how and savvy experience to help you realise your vision.

  • path intersect

    Bespoke solutions tailored to your needs

    Whatever your challenges, we start with your business needs and tailor the right solution to realise your ambitions.

  • 21088

    Seamless end-to-end service

    From initial architecture to rollout and ongoing support, our service is complete and comprehensive. We ensure full integration of all work streams, from customisation and integration, to certification and deployment. 

  • stopwatch

    Faster time to value

    Our experienced professionals simplify complex projects and apply governance principles to deliver repeatable and predictable results that lead to faster time to business value.

Professional Services Single Contact

Your single point of contact

Your experienced Ingenico project manager helps you coordinate and deliver your vision, while guaranteeing you always maintain perfect visibility and control of your project.

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