Countertop & PIN Pad

Getting your job done, in every merchant environment

Accept all payment methods and enhance your customers’ user experience, with a comprehensive range of countertop terminals.

Ingenico Countertop Terminals
Maximised network availability
Easily integrated, with rich customer interactions
Easy fast self-checkout by pairing with Desk/1600
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Choose the right terminal for your business

Whatever you need, you will find a terminal that is tailor-made for your checkout.

With their small footprint, our Countertop models can be easily integrated on any counter, while our MagicBox makes connectivity simple.


Make your payment offer stand out

Thanks to our fully-featured payment solutions, you can be sure that your offer to merchants will stand out from the competition.

All payment methods are accepted, including instant payment, while a broad variety of communication modes–including Ethernet, WiFi and 4G–maximises your network availability.

Engage with your customers

Enhance your clients’ point of sales experience with a unified customer-facing solution.

All our Countertop devices are optimised to improve checkout times: an optional PIN pad connected to the counter enables easy, customer-led checkouts.