Step Into Sustainable Commerce

A solution where convenience meets eco-consciousness, enhancing customer experience while supporting your green initiatives.

Help your merchants simplify checkout and reduce wait times by sending receipts directly via email or mobile.
Go green and minimize paper waste by deploying a digital receipts solution.
Aid your merchants in cutting paper, printing, and storage costs to boost their profitability.

Go paperless

With our digital receipt solution, bid farewell to manual paper slip management and the worry of misplacing them. Instead, receipts are issued electronically, delivering a seamless digital experience.

Maximize the Impact of Digital Receipts

Provide your merchants with a powerful tool to boost sales and engage customers more deeply. Our digital receipt solution transforms every transaction into an opportunity for growth.

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Toward a more sustainable future

Committed to sustainability, we promote eco-friendly practices by reducing paper waste. Our digital receipt technology offers businesses a greener alternative, minimizing their carbon footprint.


Multi-Channel Receipt Delivery

Enable your merchants to capitalize on the flexibility provided by multi-channel receipt delivery options.

  • SMS/Email: Digital receipts are easily sent by inputting the consumer's mobile number or email address into the terminal, triggering an SMS or email receipt.
  • QR Code: The QR code is scanned from the point-of-sale screen to download a digital receipt, ideal for those who prefer not to share personal information.