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Checking your payment terminals for a safe and fast checkout from lockdown.

As efforts to combat the global pandemic continue, merchants, restaurants and service providers, including those who have been closed for a number of months, are preparing for a gradual reopening of the retail and hospitality sectors.


Beyond the compliance measures required to meet local safety standards, such as social distancing, the obligation to wear masks and use of hand sanitisers, merchants and restaurateurs also need to check their payment terminals, some of which will have been stationary and inactive for a considerable period of time.

Often when a store is closed, it turns off its Point of Sale (POS). As with other electronic devices, payment terminals are designed for continuous operation, so if they haven’t been used for a long time, or if certain models haven’t been on an active charging station, problems may arise when they are switched back on.


To prevent this situation, Ingenico recommends that all retailers, merchants and service providers turn on and test the operation of their payment terminals a few days before their planned reopening, performing the following checks:

  • Make sure that the cable and connection are working
  • Check whether the device needs to perform any software updates via remote access
  • Check that the printer and the paper roll are ok
  • Perform a test transaction (0,01€ will suffice!)

If you have a portable payment terminal, inspect the battery level to see if it is still charged or needs to be changed. If the battery has no charge and the terminal does not respond:

  • Connect the portable payment terminal to its battery charger or charging base, leave for ten minutes, after which time the screen should display a ’powering up’ message.

If you require technical assistance or support with your Ingenico payment terminal, please contact your terminal provider’s local helpdesk to discuss maintenance and repair.

cleaning POS payment terminal

Good hygiene and cleanliness

Are more important than ever to protect both customers and employees.

As the POS terminal is a frequent point of contact, Ingenico has issued a set of guidelines for the proper cleaning of payment terminals, to help keep them clean and safe for use without causing damage. The guidelines also take account of the PCI recommendations regarding the use of overlays during the current crisis.

Contactless payment

Ingenico strongly encourages the promotion of Contactless as the preferred payment method.

Contactless payment enables customers to perform their transaction safely and quickly at the checkout, as permitted by the local Contactless limit.

Ingenico is working hard to support our customers with the continuous operation of their terminals and our teams are focused on supporting businesses as they start to reopen. We wish all our customers a safe and successful return to activity.

contactless payment



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