PayGlobe and Ingenico: delivering advanced payment solutions to Mondo Convenienza stores


PayGlobe is an Italian company specialising in solutions for the management of payments and integration of loyalty and CRM through a multi-acquiring system. Ingenico is the largest European player in payment services. Working together, both companies leveraged their payments expertise to support the needs of Mondo Convenienza stores, a leading Italian chain of large-scale distribution of furniture and furnishing accessories.

The Covid-19 pandemic, and the lockdown which resulted, significantly accelerated the adoption of mobile payments (mPOS) for in-store payments and most particularly for home deliveries, which experienced a big surge in consumer demand.

To meet this new requirement, PAYGLOBE (, selected Ingenico’s Link/2500 payment architecture to optimise the sales processes of its customer, Mondo Convenienza, for both its Retail and home delivery operations.

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Furnishing a new payment experience

Mondo Convenienza wanted to improve the customer journey within its stores.

To do so, it defined a new role for its sales staff as ‘personal assistants’, training them to promote products, close sales and take payments, simplifying the purchase experience for the customer and reducing queues at the checkout.


However, this increased interaction with the customer would need new, more advanced technology. Mondo Convenienza wanted to use a tablet, integrated with a payment solution suitable for in-store mobility. Ingenico offered its mPOS Link/2500 mobile terminal, which integrated seamlessly via a Bluetooth link with the store’s sales App and PayGlobe’s Payment gateway. This new tablet solution provided in-store mobility that was both flexible and easy to use.

The first pilot was carried out in September 2020, with the deployment of 165 terminals to sales staff at 43 Mondo Convenienza stores. The excellent outcome of this pilot convinced the customer to proceed with a full roll-out, with Ingenico to provide a further 2400 mPOS Link/2500 mobile terminals by June 2021.

All the devices are equipped with the Italian standard CB2 payment application for the acceptance of both Chip and Signature credit cards and local Chip and PIN PagoBancomat debit cards. The Ingenico mobile POS solution will further support the home delivery operations, enabling a secure, ‘pay-at-delivery’ service for furniture.


Software as a service

The Ingenico offer also includes Back Office services for the storage of transactional data and receipt management, even collecting the captured signatures on dematerialised receipts. Mobile terminals are connected to the service by a link activated immediately after each payment transaction.

Additionally, Ingenico provides Remote Management for all the payment terminals, providing assistance, maintenance, software and security key updates. This tailored service bundle is based on a monthly recurring fee, known as Software as a Service, or SaaS.

Enginering success through partnership

PayGlobe was closely involved with the design and deployment of the project and is currently managing all transactions through their Payment Gateway, working in a multi-acquiring mode that ensures the acceptance of every card type under the best economic conditions. Thanks to the partnership with Ingenico, PayGlobe is now able to provide merchants and banks with the most advanced, secure and simple solution for mobile payments management.

The success of this collaboration is based on combined skills: on the one hand, Ingenico’s name is a guarantee for quality and expertise; on the other, PayGlobe, which boasts specialised and secure solutions in the field of payments, has demonstrated its competency in project design and innovation, gaining the trust of a big customer in a highly competitive market.
Umberto Pardi, Sales & Marketing Director at PayGlobe
Our partnership with PayGlobe helped Mondo Convenienza to offer a smarter, bespoke shopping experience to their customers, for both in-store and home delivery. We are very proud to have showed how consolidated solutions, the right customisation and creative planning, are the perfect combination to meet the latest customer requirements.
Paolo Temporiti, Head of Terminals, Solutions & Services at Ingenico for Italy and South Eastern Europe

About PayGlobe

PayGlobe, born in 2017 from an offshoot of Content Interface Italia srl and a subsidiary of the holding company of TAS Group, OWL S.p.A., provides specialised solutions for the global management of payments, from physical, mobile and virtual POS terminals, to the integration of loyalty and CRM, through a multi-acquiring system. PayGlobe boasts a simple and secure architecture, able to offer all the necessary innovation and service components, guaranteeing its customers flexibility and customisation for greater attention to their needs.




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