13 May 24

Secure Payments: How to Protect Your Money in POS Terminal Transactions

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With the increasing use of POS terminals, transaction security becomes a priority. Jose Barletta, Technical Director of Ingenico in Latin America, shares valuable tips.

The security of POS terminals is of utmost importance and requires constant attention from both consumers and merchants. With technology advancements, terminals have become more sophisticated, incorporating multiple layers of security to protect user information. However, it is crucial for consumers to remain vigilant and informed about best security practices.

According to Sebrae data, 56% of small businesses had already adopted POS terminals in 2021, a significant increase compared to previous years. This data reflects not only a shift in consumer behavior but also the need for merchants to adapt to new market demands.

Jose Barletta, Technical Director of Ingenico in Latin America, emphasizes that transaction security with POS terminals is a shared responsibility:

Consumers must be attentive and vigilant during the payment process, checking the integrity of the terminals and avoiding risky behaviors. Financial education and knowledge of security practices are essential to protect our money and personal information.
Jose Barletta, Technical Director of Ingenico in Latin America

With this in mind, Ingenico, a global leader in solutions, has prepared some tips to avoid pitfalls.

  • Always Check the Display: Always check the terminal display before making payment, ensuring the correct amount is being charged. Additionally, it is recommended to keep the card in hand and verify the data after the transaction, thus avoiding fraud and cloning.
  • A Good Tip is to Use Contactless Payment: In addition to being practical, they are safer because they use encryption technology, reducing the chances of card cloning.
  • Attention When Inserting the Card: Insert the card yourself whenever possible. Avoid letting others handle your card, especially in places where you do not have full visibility of the transaction.
  • Cover the Keyboard When Entering the PIN: When entering your PIN, cover the keyboard with your other hand or body to prevent people nearby or indiscreet cameras from capturing your PIN.
  • Always Check the Receipt After the Transaction: Verify that the values and data are correct and keep them for future reference or in case of disputes.
  • Use Transaction Notifications: Activate transaction notifications in your bank's or card issuer's app. This way, you will be immediately informed of any charges, enabling you to act quickly in case of unauthorized use.

Consumers play a vital role in the security of POS terminal transactions. It is essential to always be alert and aware during the payment process. This includes checking if the terminal is in good condition, if there are no strange devices attached to it, and if the establishment follows recommended security protocols. Additionally, it is important for consumers to be cautious about who handles their cards and to avoid entering the PIN in the presence of strangers.

At Ingenico, we believe that payment security is a commitment we share with our customers. We are dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet current needs but are also prepared for future challenges.
Jose Barletta, Technical Director of Ingenico in Latin America
Jose Barletta

Jose Barletta

Technical Director SAR


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