Proof @ POS™


POPcodes® Proof @ POS™ (POPs) gives merchants secure, fast, and easy to use value-added services to empower businesses to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. Merchants learn about, enroll, and receive support for POPs via POPcodes’ Push Button Services (PBS) solution, which can quickly be expanded to offer merchant-to-customer facing solutions merchants – and their omnichannel customers – demand. With a push of a button, the app enables merchants to capture customers’ opt-ins, create personalized promotions, enable seamless online to offline shopping experiences, and secure loyalty point retrieval and redemption.

POPcodes® solutions are simple to implement and easy for customers to use while providing exceptional data backed traceability.

Proof @ POS™ Epic Use Cases Include:

  • Proof of Preference: Collect email/SMS opt-ins for marketing use. Increase efficiency of marketing efforts by collecting customer contact info in-store with the confidence of Proof of Preference. Know – and be able to prove - exactly when the customer viewed legally required consent verbiage and then entered their contact data to stay in lock-step with evolving data privacy regulations and standards.
  • Proof of Promotion: Create personalized promotions and enable customers to redeem them in-store with exceptional traceability. Connect digital marketing efforts to in-store redemptions with rich aggregated data of when and where unique promotions are redeemed. Start accepting manufacturer, brand and multi-party promotions to give more value to your customers.
  • Proof of Purchase: Validated instore or curbside pickup of mobile and online orders. POPs enables merchants to confidently and efficiently handoff pre-paid purchases from Buy Online Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS) and mobile self-checkout orders. Validate phone number or order number (with a passcode for higher value orders) to retrieve the order and payment details, reducing human error or fraud.
  • Proof of Points: Retrieve and redeem loyalty points with integration into existing loyalty platforms. Enable simple and secure in-store use of loyalty points - even with Point of Sales systems without built-in loyalty program capabilities, with redemption linked to the customer’s phone number or loyalty ID.


POPcodes® provides dynamic, value-added solutions to Acquirers, ISOs, and their partners via an easily deployed app on Tetra 5000 or Android based devices. To date, over 30,000 merchants across North America have benefitted from Push Button Services™ (PBS) content and workflows; decreasing deployment, training, and support costs while increasing sales and satisfaction. With PBS, POPcodes’ clients increase retention and profitability with a secure device already at the merchants’ fingertips.

POPcodes® allows retailers to enhance and extend the life and the value of their existing eCommerce, ERP, and POS/Payment systems. Most competitive solutions require exhaustive integration or implementation of their entire solution suite to achieve similar online to off-line functionality. Our open API quickly connects these key systems and provides the core information critical to service the most frequent path to purchase for the omnichannel customer. Our SaaS based model keeps operating and transaction costs to pennies per action. And, by separating the payment process from the redemption of purchases and promotions, we greatly reduce PCI compliance and other data privacy concerns.