Offer convenience, security and simplicity for a fast shopping experience

  • Operate in the most demanding situations in any retail environment and address self-checkout needs 
  • Elevate customer experience with advanced services
  • Strengthen customer trust with next-generation security features

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A compact Android PIN Pad, empowering fast checkout and flawless user experience thanks to its 4’’ screen, large keypad and high-speed processing.

The power of Android 11
  • Harness the power of the Appstore
  • Power-saving features
  • Optimised performance and speed
  • Sustainable solution regarding development, maintenance & support
Powerful processing to increase speed and output
  • Boosted memory (Up to 2GB RAM 16GB FLASH)
  • High speed processor (Cortex A55)
Designed for an intensive use in retail
  • 4’’ screen display with glass lens
  • High-performance card and swipe insertions
  • Integrated camera for fast QR code reader
  • Easy integration into semi-attended kiosks, with optimized dimension and adaptation plate
Raising the bar on security
  • PCI PTS v6
  • Skimming detection
  • Abnormal cable removal detection which can generate an alert to inhibit the terminal
  • PCI compliant privacy PIN shield
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AXIUM-RX5000-3D picture - BNPL app_0.png
AXIUM-RX5000-3D picture - Loyalty app 2_0.png
AXIUM-RX5000-3D picture - Loyalty app.png