Speeding up checkout at the counter

  • Provide a robust design for demanding situations
  • Enable multiple alternative payment methods
  • Easily manages counter space constraints, via seamless connection to our PIN pads range


With the ability to connect to other POS devices - including the Desk/1600 PIN pad for richer customer interactions - Desk/5000 is focused on payments in all forms.

Optimised check-out time
  • Multiple alternative payment methods supported
  • Intuitive user interface and card readers
  • Saving space on the worktop
Ingenico TaaS Key Components
Robust design for demanding environment
  • Responsive keypad improves PIN entry
  • Advanced outer casing
Maximised network availability
  • 4G, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Ethernet
Highest security
  • Compliant with the latest global and local PCI regulations
  • Optional PCI compliant privacy shield
  • Kensington lock for safety
Ingenico Countertop Desk5000 Right View
Ingenico Countertop Desk5000 Touchscreen
Ingenico Countertop Desk5000 Contactless Zone
Ingenico Countertop Desk5000 Back View
Ingenico Countertop Desk5000 Side View