Responsible recycling of your payment terminals: our commitment to the environment and our customers

At Ingenico, we understand the importance of addressing your concerns about the recycling of payment terminals.

When you choose our products, you can be assured that we have implemented solutions to responsibly recycle end-of-life payment terminals. This is particularly the case in the European Union, where Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is in force. This directive imposes strict recycling requirements, and we fully comply with these obligations.

We ensure the responsible recycling

Secure collection

We have established strong partnerships with service providers specialized in the secure collection of electronic waste. These partners ensure that your terminals are collected appropriately, adhering to the strictest environmental and confidentiality standards.

Sorting and processing

Once collected, your terminals are sent to specialized sorting centers. There, they are carefully dismantled to separate the various components and materials. Cables, batteries, plastics, and electronic circuits are treated appropriately for recycling or responsible disposal.

Compliance with regulations

We fully comply with local and international regulations regarding electronic waste recycling. The EU's WEEE directive is a key reference for us. We ensure our processes adhere to the strictest guidelines and standards to minimize environmental and health impacts.

Transparency and traceability

We place great importance on transparency throughout the recycling process. We can provide our customers with detailed information on the collection, sorting, and processing stages of their terminals. You can be certain that your equipment is treated responsibly and in accordance with the highest standards.

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We are proud of our commitment to environmental sustainability

At Ingenico, we will continue to innovate to reduce the environmental footprint of our products. By choosing our solutions, you also contribute to promoting a circular economy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about our recycling strategy or our efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our payment terminals. We are here to support you in your eco-responsible approach.

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