03 Jun 24

Revolutionary Palm Vein Payment Technology at Tienda Inglesa’s Red Expres in Uruguay

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Palm vein biometrics is a cutting-edge system that utilizes biometric data to map the dynamic patterns of the veins in your hand, enabling secure transactions. In this blog, we will delve into this exciting advancement and discuss the launch of the first pilot program in Latin America.

Understanding Palm Vein Technology

Palm vein technology leverages the unique vascular patterns in a person’s palm to authenticate their identity. Here's how it works:

  1. Enrollment: Customers enroll their palm vein patterns and link them to their payment credentials in-store. This process is quick and non-intrusive, involving a simple scan of the palm.
  2. Scanning: At checkout, customers place their hand over a palm vein sensor. This sensor uses near-infrared light to capture the unique vein patterns beneath the skin.
  3. Verification: The captured vein pattern is compared with the stored encrypted biometric data. Palm vein patterns are highly intricate and unique to each individual, making this method extremely secure.
  4. Payment Processing: Upon a successful match, the payment is processed using the linked tokenized card information, ensuring a fast and secure transaction.

The use of near-infrared light ensures that the vein patterns are accurately captured regardless of skin conditions or external factors. Unlike fingerprints or facial recognition, vein patterns are internal and thus less susceptible to wear and environmental influences, offering a higher level of security.

Ingenico has partnered with Mastercard, Fulcrum Biometrics, Fujitsu Frontech, and Scanntech to introduce an advanced biometric payment method at Tienda Inglesa’s Red Expres in Uruguay. This cutting-edge system, which allows customers to pay using the unique patterns in their palm veins, marks the first of its kind under Mastercard's Biometric Checkout Program.

Pioneering Biometric Payments

Mastercard launched its Biometric Checkout Program in Spring 2022 to establish secure and convenient biometric payment standards. Ingenico, renowned for its innovative payment solutions, has collaborated with Fulcrum Biometrics and Fujitsu Frontech to develop this state-of-the-art system. By linking a user’s palm vein pattern to their debit, prepaid, or credit card, the system offers a seamless and secure payment experience.

Enhancing Security and Convenience

To use this innovative payment method, customers at Tienda Inglesa’s Red Expres can enroll their biometric information and payment credentials in-store. Once registered, they can complete transactions by simply placing their hand over a palm vein sensor. The system compares the vein pattern with the stored encrypted biometric data and, upon a match, processes the payment using tokenized card information.

Transforming the Shopping Experience

This technology not only speeds up the payment process but also reduces wait times at checkout, integrates seamlessly with customer loyalty systems, and enhances the overall shopping experience.

Ingenico and its partners are excited to lead the way in biometric payment solutions, transforming payment experiences for consumers and setting a new standard for security and convenience in the retail industry.

This launch in Uruguay is just the beginning of a broader global initiative to revolutionize how we pay and shop.

Stay tuned as Tienda Inglesa’s Red Expres customers experience the future of payments, where convenience meets cutting-edge technology.




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