29 Mar 24

Mastering the Complexity of Multi-Lane Payment Device Management

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Managing payment devices is complicated. Many merchants have expanded footprints, requiring hardware at numerous staffed and self-checkout stations. For independent software vendors (ISVs) and value-added resellers (VARs), this sprawl means building relationships with payment technology providers so you can offer enterprises the solutions necessary to run these complex operations efficiently, both from a cost and logistics standpoint. Leading solutions providers offer multi-lane device management systems, bringing order and security to the complexity of the ever-evolving payment landscape.

Mapping Multi-Lane Payment Device Estates

Enterprise merchants operate in various physical locations, sometimes operating under different models, including self-service, mobile point of sale (POS), and traditional countertop systems. This applies to hospitality businesses, such as a quick-serve restaurant with several properties, a chain store with storefronts numbering in the hundreds, and other merchants with numerous locations.

An estate manager platform controls the many multi-lane devices in service, allowing users to easily update and deploy software, track asset locations and oversee other critical functionalities. ISVs and VARs know their merchants face a rigorous regulatory and compliance burden. Successful merchants need the real-time device monitoring capabilities offered by estate manager solutions.

The Essentials of Effective Estate Management

Payment device estate management tools must include several key features in order to check the boxes on solving multi-lane operational pain points. Winning estate management solutions include mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to keep tabs on where an asset is located. Geofencing features, for example, provide the ability to pinpoint every terminal and PIN pad anywhere and at any time.

They also must mesh with PCI compliance mandates and offer diagnostics capabilities to keep hardware running smoothly to minimize disruptive downtime. Users leverage estate managers to push out software updates, circumventing risky vulnerabilities and offering attractive new business features. Merchants who operate large payment device estates need a single source of truth where they can ensure their assets are compliant and fitted with critical updates. A centralized multi-lane device management platform is the only reliable way to make all this possible.

Users can expect to reap a host of rewards when choosing a multi-lane payment device estate manager. These include attractive financial upsides such as reductions in the cost of managing large inventories, deploying field service personnel, not to mention the benefit of increased device uptime which is a significant concern when downtime equates to lost revenue. ISVs and VARs use estate manager products to enhance merchant satisfaction and generate long-lasting customer relationships.

Do the Solutions You Provide Include Payment Device Estate Management?

There’s a lot involved with making the payment experience great for consumers. This rising complexity means multi-lane merchants can’t afford to miss out on the benefits afforded by a purpose-built payment device estate manager. ISVs and VARs who work with large-scale businesses must offer tools to assist their clients with managing challenging technology inventories.

Your portfolio should include a device management solution that can scale along with growing merchants and clients’ expanding needs. It’s up to you to keep your industry knowledge fresh so you can be the go-to expert for merchants seeking the latest intel on trends, changes, and more. Offering a full-featured estate manager is a key component of a successful strategy for providing merchants with the tools necessary to navigate the everchanging payments ecosystem.

Read up on our industry-leading resources to discover more about the estate manager landscape, or contact one of our experts to learn how the right tools can demystify multi-lane device management.

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