Partner Spotlight

The Partner Spotlight Program allows you to showcase your payment solutions within your booth, demonstrate our joint solutions to attendees, and take advantage of numerous marketing opportunities that will significantly boost the visibility of your brand while creating new sales prospects.

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Here are the key benefits of the Partner Spotlight Program:

Extensive Promotion

Your company will receive extensive promotion across all our digital platforms, including outreach to our ISO and ISV databases. As a partner showcasing Ingenico solutions, your company will be prominently featured on our partner map, which will be displayed in our booth, shared on social media, and included in a pre-show email. This will make it effortless for attendees to locate your booth and engage with your offerings.

Spotlight Partner Advantages
Spotlight Partner Plaque

As a token of our appreciation, we will provide you with a spotlight partner plaque. This plaque can be proudly displayed in your booth alongside the Ingenico solutions you are showcasing, adding prestige and recognition to your presence.

Spotlight Partner Advantages
Social Media Promotion

We will include your partnership with Ingenico in our social media plan during the show, effectively driving more traffic to your booth and generating greater engagement. This increased visibility will enhance your brand exposure and create valuable connections.

Spotlight Partner Advantages
Partner Highlights

We would be delighted to feature a quote from you about our partnership. This quote will be prominently showcased in our booth and incorporated into our social media plan throughout the entire event. It is an excellent opportunity to further strengthen your association with Ingenico and highlight the benefits of our collaboration.

Spotlight Partner Advantages
Ingenico Terminals

If you would like to showcase Ingenico solutions in your booth but lack a device for demonstration, we are here to assist you. Simply let us know your device request within the survey, and we will make arrangements for a booth drop. Please keep in mind that the availability of devices is limited, and requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, we can provide only one device of each solution/model type per booth.

Spotlight Partner Advantages

Cultivating Trust: Unveiling the Brilliance of Collaboration!

Partner Testimonials Illuminate the Advantages of Our Collective Endeavors

Spacepole -Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Aaron Johnson, General Manager
SpacePole, Inc.
“SpacePole, Inc. specializes in providing unique and innovative technology mounting solutions in partnership with our global technology suppliers. Ingenico has been a strategic partner that has greatly contributed to our growth and success.”
Kiosk-Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Justin Zimmerman, Director of Solutions
KIOSK Information Systems
“Our partnership with Ingenico is reliable and collaborative. The Ingenico team connects with us regularly to share insights and gather information from our experiences in the field to help further the advancement of unattended payment devices. The modularity that we have from a product standpoint is one of the major benefits of working with Ingenico.”
Custom america -Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Dave Murphy, VP of Sales Strategy and Business Growth
Custom America
"Custom America designs kiosk and tablet solutions that support a variety of Ingenico payment solutions to enable Retailers to serve their customers when and where they want to shop and pay. From curbside to tableside, register to self check-out, Custom is proud to team with Ingenico to empower transactions across the Retail industry."
Postdata-Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Bill McCubbins, Executive Vice President
“POSDATA has been a strong partner with Ingenico for many years. We value our relationship with Ingenico due to its solid product line and technical staff. We are excited to be providing a broad range of distribution services for Ingenico in North America, and we are especially excited about the new AXIUM products.”
LOC-Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Guy Leger, VP Sales, and Marketing
LOC Software
“LOC Software and Ingenico's partnership is vital to the success of our retailers and our VAR's. The commitment from Ingenico and LOC is the recipe for success in the payments sector!”
Ingram-Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Katharine Peery, Vendor Business Manager
Ingram Micro
“Ingenico remains one of the premier vendors within the payments space. Our strong partnership continues to grow and we place a lot of value on our relationship with Ingenico and the way they service the channel with innovative solutions.”
Havis-Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Joe Mach, VP, GM Havis
"Havis is proud to be a trusted Ingenico partner for over 20 years. The robust Havis portfolio provides exceptional solutions to enable Ingenico payments devices in multiple use cases, including mobile, countertop and secure terminals. Our shared solution set continues to expand as does our trusted partnership.”
Scansource-Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Justin Price, Vice President, Sales & Business Development
“The significance of partnerships and relationships cannot be overstated, and Ingenico stands as a prime example. Our growth together over the years has relied heavily on our shared goals and collaboration; their contribution is indispensable. Ingenico has consistently been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge payment solutions, and we greatly value their support, innovation, and adaptability.”
North american-Quote_Partners_NRF page.png
Preet Patel, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing
North American Bancard
“Ingenico has always been an integral partner in NAB's hardware strategy. Their innovative payment solutions have allowed us to support our ISVs and Sales Partners better than ever before. Best of all, they're always willing to go the extra mile to address any customer feedback we receive.”