07 May 24

Take the Pain Out of Custom Payment App Development

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Given the option, no business will settle for a generic, off-the-shelf payment app. They’d choose an app tailored to their industry and the specific way they want to do business. Grocers would give their customers the option to pay with ACH and EBT in addition to debit and credit. Specialty retailers would add alternative payments, like buy now, pay later (BNPL), so their customers could more easily afford higher-dollar purchases. Some merchants may even accept cryptocurrency transactions and QR code payments if they had a payment app that facilitates them for their customers and their back office. Furthermore, acquirers would offer apps with the agility to allow consumers to complete purchases in any country or region without the friction of traditional cross-border payments.

However, for development teams and independent software vendors (ISVs), customization has traditionally meant more time, higher costs, and a struggle to meet user expectations.

What’s the Solution?

ISVs and developers can make their lives easier by partnering with a payment technology company with a platform designed to streamline custom payment app development. A partner that takes a platform approach allows you to connect with a single integration to make a range of payment options and terminals available to your customers. Furthermore, an Android-based platform makes it easier to integrate value-added applications, enhance security, and scale to accept payments in new channels or in new locations.

Additionally, look for partners with standardized APIs that facilitate integration with consumer services, including gift cards, loyalty rewards, and customer surveys. This approach can also solve cross-border payments pain points. For example, with a standardized API like Ingenico’s North America Unified API (NUA), acquirers can offer a cross-border solution with one app for multiple countries across the North American region, rather than developing and maintaining payment applications for businesses in each country.

The Far-Reaching Benefits of Custom Payment App Development

While an application designed to make custom payment app development easier is undoubtedly a benefit to acquirers and developers, it will also benefit merchants and consumers. Merchants gain the ability to tailor payment experiences based on how their customers want to transact. They can choose the payment methods and applications that optimize their checkout processes. Additionally, if a consumer is traveling from a neighboring country, merchants can offer them the same payment experiences they’ve become accustomed to with no delays or restrictions.

Another benefit is time. Of course, acquirers and developers are time-driven, wanting to take their apps to market as quickly as possible. However, time is also a factor for merchants. In highly competitive markets, merchants must match or outdo other businesses with the experiences they provide. That includes optimizing payment experiences, which customers have indicated in a PYMNTS survey is more important than 33 other factors when consumers decide where to buy. Waiting to upgrade payment tech and the customer experiences they provide can hurt a brand when its competitors move ahead.

A versatile custom payment app platform also gives acquirers the option to integrate with a robust management platform. This provides the benefit of centralized management, enabling software upgrades and new configurations across all payment devices at once for consistency and time savings.

Where to Learn More

Ingenico offers a custom payment app platform, AXIUM Payment Experience (APEX) that empowers you and your channel partners to meet the specific needs of all your clients and their customers. Contact us to get the details and how to integrate your solutions with our platform.

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Jean-Christophe Titus

Head of Software Delivery

Ingenico North America

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