Push Button Services™


Push Button Services™ (PBS) powered by POPcodes® is a white-label ready app for Acquirers, ISOs, and their partners to engage merchants for higher satisfaction, retention, and profitability. PBS connects Ingenico’s smart payment terminals to our cloud-based host to deliver rich, graphical content and enable complex workflows at the in-store point of purchase. With PBS, in-store devices become an integral component of an omnichannel approach, creating a highly effective new “owned” digital media channel to enhance merchant experience, communication, and sales opportunities.

As a full lifecycle solution, PBS starts by guiding merchants through device setup and continues to provide on-going support with self-help content tailored for the Acquirer or ISOs’ particular pain points – reducing support call volumes and cost, while increasing merchant satisfaction. Offering a flexible, personalized, and branded solution throughout the merchant lifecycle, PBS is a platform to communicate operational and sales messaging and receive merchant feedback! Using PBS’s bi-directional communication, Acquirers and ISOs can increase profitability by improving merchant satisfaction, retention, and implement direct messaging workflows for digitized support and sales.

Push Button Services™ Epic Use Cases Include:

  • Digital Welcome & Unboxing Experience: Guide merchants through initial setup for an impressive, branded first experience and fewer support calls.
  • Self-Help: Offer instant access to FAQs and other common support topics and use QR codes to direct users to specific online support content for increased merchant satisfaction and decreased support call volumes and resolution times.
  • Automated Support Requests: Gather and route support requests to the appropriate party, with merchant details, to accelerate support call closure.
  • Alerts: Notification and display messaging for sporadic or urgent operational needs.
  • Messaging: Scheduled or at daily device power-up, messaging for branding, support, sales, and beyond.
  • Automated Referrals and Sales: Streamline supply orders, upsell & cross-sell, and even drive reverse referral revenue for 3rd party value-added services.
  • Merchant Surveys: Collect and/or confirm merchant data. Quickly implement actionable surveys such as merchant satisfaction, with automated integration to the provider’s customer care team.

Typical use of the PBS app: New merchants are greeted with Welcome messaging at first device power-up and guided through setup, even before a network connection is established. New and existing merchants access the app for Self-Help support any time they need, along with requests to add services, supply order initiation, and more. PBS continues to offer value through a merchant’s lifetime, even executing satisfaction surveys with automated integrations.

Make the most of your payment terminals with Push Button Services™ to revolutionize how you engage with your merchants.


POPcodes® provides dynamic, value-added solutions to Acquirers, ISOs, and their partners via an easily deployed app on Tetra 5000 or Android based devices. To date, over 30,000 merchants across North America have benefitted from Push Button Services™ (PBS) content and workflows; decreasing deployment, training, and support costs while increasing sales and satisfaction. With PBS, POPcodes’ clients increase retention and profitability with a secure device already at the merchants’ fingertips.

POPcodes® allows retailers to enhance and extend the life and the value of their existing eCommerce, ERP, and POS/Payment systems. Most competitive solutions require exhaustive integration or implementation of their entire solution suite to achieve similar online to off-line functionality. Our open API quickly connects these key systems and provides the core information critical to service the most frequent path to purchase for the omnichannel customer. Our SaaS based model keeps operating and transaction costs to pennies per action. And, by separating the payment process from the redemption of purchases and promotions, we greatly reduce PCI compliance and other data privacy concerns.