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An innovation by The Labs x EIT Digital

The Labs, which bring together Ingenico's innovation teams, has developed a voice commerce solution allowing users to:

  • build a shopping cart with their voice;
  • interact with their favorite brands on all types of connected speakers (Google Home, Alexa, others);
  • finalize the payment in a simple and secure way thanks to ultrasound technology.

This solution marks a first key innovational step for payment in the rapidly expanding vocal universe. Studies today estimate that 50% of Google mobile searches will be done by voice in 2020. (Source: ComScore)

A solution responding to societal trends

This new sales channel allows brands to respond to societal trends such as:

  • instantaneity: consumers want to order the right product at any time;
  • personalization: users are more willing to share their information if this allows them to have access to personalized services;
  • conversational commerce: allows consumers to interact more fluidly with brands.

The Labs is also developing a continuous consumer authentication solution. This solution will identify a user throughout their conversation with the brand's virtual agent and not via a password or a predefined PIN code. A secure solution that will offer a 100% voice experience, suitable for environments such as the automobile, with easy hands-free payment, or for other use cases such as in-game purchases within video games.

Fast and frictionless authentication with ultrasound technology

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Why voice commerce is the next big thing in retail

As sales of smart speakers soar and people increasingly opt to chat to their devices, retailers are vying to position themselves to embrace the new era of voice commerce.


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How did user research contribute to the creation of Ingenico new “Voice Commerce” concept?

An interview with Taline Karanfilian, Head of UX at Ingenico Labs, by Axance, partner for ideation, conception and UX research.


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Ingenico Labs won the Special Prize  at Prix Mobile d’Or 2020





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